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Bolt is the world's first online to offline adventure travel company. It's something new. We call it Community Travel.

Create deep connections with fellow members via curated video and chat through our online platform, then join them on Bolt's unique, active trips around the world.

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Find your place in our membership of artists, entrepreneurs, musicians and misfits of all ages. Bolt extends the joy of travel beyond the trip itself. With Bolt, the wonder of discovery starts right when you join our community, and continues long after you return home.

Enjoy New Experiences.

Bolt creates unique, epic travel experiences around the world, ranging in cost from $500 to $3,000. From rooftop tent camping to sailing to kayaking to cycling and much more, we build our active trips to be unique, and geographically diverse -- giving you great options for different travel styles, activities, and locations throughout the year.

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Connect Online.

Your journey with Bolt starts online right when you join. Meet members in real-time through video hangouts and chat. Get to know the folks you'll travel with, and the guides who will lead your trip. We also invite members to share presentations of past trips, invite inspirational adventurers to share their stories, introduce our community to impactful NGOs in the developing world, host a monthly travel book club, and much more.  

Join the community.

Bolt's community is curated -- we seek to add members who add wonder, joy, and excitement. Our membership spans diverse ages, interests, occupations, and geographies, and our active trips take place around the world, focused on slower, more intentional travel.

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20+ unique experiences every year

We plan a variety of trips every year, with a focus on interesting places, unique experiences, and a diversity of geographies and activities. There’s something for every type of traveler.

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Community for you, by you

Bolt’s mission: to thoughtfully bring community to travel, creating the world’s most wonderful, kind, awesome group of like-minded explorers. Before joining, prospective members talk to a current Bolt member, as well as someone from Bolt’s team. This Discovery Process helps ensure alignment around our mission, ethos, and your expectations. Every traveler on every trip is a Bolt member who has made this investment in our community.

"Joining Bolt and taking my first trip (Sailing through Greece) has expanded my mind, heart and travels. I bonded with members from other countries, and have even been invited to visit them in their home-state/country. I'm grateful to Bolt for allowing a solo traveler to feel so safe and comfortable in a foreign place...not to mention having such great members to bond with."

Jennelle M.
Napa, California

"I joined Bolt because I love the concept of traveling with like minded people, still young at heart, regardless of age. It's refreshing to not have to make any decisions or organize anything myself! There's a great diversity among Bolt members and I've made friends who I still keep in contact with. We're planning a reunion tour next year!"

Karina H.
Sydney, Australia

We met under the fog in Golden Gate Bridge before driving, strangers soon to become friends, to a remote gazebo built into the mountain side. The trip’s scenery just kept getting more amazing from that point: hiking to a 12K summit, dipping into hot springs, the most intense Milky Way surrounded by millions of stars viewed from our private mountain vista. Great company with new friends."

Phoenix, AZ

My husband and I had a fabulous experience on the overland trip in Baja. We're in our 60s, and we delighted in the camping/overland experience. Our fellow travelers were adventuresome and lots of fun to be with. The campsites were absolutely stunning and often times it was just us and the wildlife.  It was amazing how well this trip was provisioned with great food which turned into very tasty meals.

Cicely B
Richmond, VA