How Membership in Bolt Works

Every other travel company: “Insert your credit card details here. Great! We’ll see you in 6 months for your week-long trip with complete strangers.”

Bolt’s approach is very different. Before joining, every member goes through our Discovery Process to ensure an excellent fit within our community (more on that below). After joining, members get access to local meetups around the world, and an online platform where you can connect with other members to plan travel alongside Bolt’s trips, as well as find travel partners for other adventures.

Lifetime membership in Bolt's community costs a one-time fee of $300, paid upon joining.

This $300 lifetime membership is an investment in your travel for years to come.

The benefits of these dues include:

  • immediate access to book unlimited experiences around the world

  • an invitation to our online platform for meeting and traveling with current members before, during, and after Bolt trips

  • join other Bolt members on self-organized trips, or create your own to showcase your favorite place in the world

  • local meetups with Bolt members in your area

  • offers from selected partners’ products and services, including free gear on trips (beta)

The Discovery Process

  1. Submit the application below.

  2. Hop on a brief call with a Bolt team member, during which we’ll share more, and answer any questions you may have.

  3. Connect with a current member who has been on multiple trips and has meet many folks from our community. This casual phone call is designed to help get a 360 idea of whether Bolt is a good fit for you, and whether you're a good fit for Bolt.

  4. Receive an invitation to join Bolt, including our code of conduct, core principals, and options for paying membership dues.

  5. Immediately unlock access to book Bolt Experiences, and receive an invite to our online community to plan adventures.

** This process is built around respect for your time, and the time of the current member with whom you speak. We ask that you take the time to review Bolt’s future and past Experiences, as well as Member Benefits/FAQ, before you apply. Our Instagram and Facebook are also available for your exploration.

We’d love to hear from you.

Our membership spans diverse ages, interests, occupations, and the globe, while coming together around empathy, adaptability, adventure, a bias towards self-reliance, and a penchant for curiosity. If that resonates - drop us a note. It's perfectly OK to be brief, but we also encourage creativity, and having some fun with it. We look forward to hearing from you!

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