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How Membership Works

Every other travel company: “Insert your credit card details here. Great! We’ll see you in 6 months, halfway around the world, for your week-long trip with complete strangers.”

Bolt takes the exact opposite approach. Before joining, each prospective member engages in our Discovery Process (outlined below) to make sure everyone's on the same page regarding our mission, ethos, and expectations all around.

After joining, members can book any trip, access our online platform to connect with other members through profiles, video hangouts, and our Slack chat. Find travel partners, and take advantage of offers from select partners’ products and services to elevate your next adventure.

Membership in Bolt's community costs $99 per year. Think of this as an investment in Bolt, and in your travel for years to come. Every member of our community has made this investment and participated in our Discovery Process. This allows us to curate our membership, nurture the intimacy of our private online platform, and take the time to thoughtfully develop our community.

The Discovery Process

1. Fill out the form below, and schedule a time to connect with someone from Bolt's organization. Ask questions and learn more.

2. Join Bolt, and get access to our online platform, including video hangouts, membership profiles, and Slack chat.

3. When you're ready to book your first trip, connect with a member who has traveled on multiple Bolt experiences. This builds strong alignment around our mission, ethos, and expectations.

4. Hop on a video hangout with the fellow members booked for your adventure, and the guides who will be leading it.

5. Pack your bags and get ready to go! :)

Our membership spans diverse ages, interests, occupations, and the globe, while coming together around empathy, adaptability, adventure, a bias towards self-reliance, and a penchant for curiosity. We can't wait to meet you.

Thank you! We'll be in touch within 48 hours.

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