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Your membership, online and offline

A core belief: Bolt's community extends beyond each individual trip. Before and after adventures, we connect through our online platform. This isn't social media; it's a place to intentionally foster bonds with your fellow travelers through member profiles, video hangouts, and online chats.

  • Tune in to interviews with adventurers, activists, and other inspirational figures, with the opportunity to meet in real-time.
  • Share past travels with other members, taking them on past journeys through photographs and stories.
  • Learn from founders of non-profit organizations affecting change in the developing world. Let's raise thousands of dollars for worthy causes.
  • Book club! Every month, we choose a new travel memoir, and meet weekly to share thoughts and opinions.
  • Meet brands, learn about their travel products, and enjoy awesome discounts on useful items delivered to your door.

It's something new, and we call it Community Travel.

Video Hangouts

In the months leading up to each trip, Bolt members hop on a video hangout to meet fellow travelers, as well as the Bolt guides who will lead their experience.

These calls are typically about an hour long, and serve as a great way to build the group dynamic, before anyone every steps foot on a plane.

By focusing on these initial connections prior to the start of the trip, we meet the first day as friends. Along with our Slack chat, video hangouts are an important way we connect members before and after trips.

Slack Chat and Profiles

Upon joining Bolt, every member creates a profile, and receives an invite to our online chat, powered by Slack.

This chat platform is broken down by trip. Meet the members you'll travel with, collaboratively ask questions, and organize shared accommodation, meals, and activities, both before and after the experience.

You'll also find individual channels for local regions, where Bolt members come together for adventures a bit closer to home. We're always trying to find more ways to bring our community closer together.