Go further, together.

We’re building an exceptional community of travelers, curated around the ideas of wonder, curiosity, and adventure. Before joining a trip, all travelers pass through our Discovery Process, talking to a current member who has been on multiple trips. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to mission, ethos, and expectations.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Experiences are better shared with friends

2. The sum of our community is stronger than its parts. We travel further together.

3. We don't care what you look like, where you work, or when you were born. We seek all stripes, and focus on what a prospective member can add to our community.

4. We respect each other, the places we travel, and the people we encounter in equal measure.

5. We value transparency, honesty, and the ability to adapt.

How Membership Works

Every other travel company: “Insert your credit card details here. Great! We’ll see you in 6 months for your week-long trip with complete strangers.”

Bolt’s approach is different. Before joining, every member goes through our Discovery Process to ensure an excellent fit within our community. After joining, members can book any of our trips, gain access to our online platform to connect with other members, find travel partners, and see offers from select partners’ products and services. Members also self-organize local meet-ups in locations around the world.

Membership in Bolt's community costs $99 per year. Think of this as an investment in your future travel, and a way to build excitement at each step of the way, through video hangouts, chat, and more.

What does Bolt's community look like?

Bolt's members grew up and live around the world. Our community is 60% female / 40% male, and spans in age from 23 to 60+ years old, with an average age of 35-40 years old. Members spend their working days in fields as varied as social work, corporate law, teaching, photography, and oil exploration, and their leisure time playing music, downhill mountain biking, sketching, hula hooping, and chasing waves (to name a few more).  

Are kids allowed on Bolt’s Experiences?

Great question, and one we’re often asked. We love kids, but don’t currently allow them on trips, because we’re waiting until we can offer family-style, kid-friendly travel Experiences in a thoughtful, awesome way for everyone. Until then, Bolt’s membership and trips are open to participants who are 18 years and older.

Why do you charge a membership fee?

We’re looking for people invested in our mission of building the most awesome community of travelers in the world. To do that, we ask for an investment up front, so everyone's committed.

With 99% of other travel companies, you find a trip, swipe a credit card, and 6 months later you’re out there with strangers. Bolt is different. Everyone on every trip is a member who has been through our Discovery Process, speaking with to a current Bolt member - the perfect opportunity to candidly ask questions about our community and experiences.

This deep curation wouldn’t be possible without a small investment from the prospective member. If there weren’t membership dues, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the closeness and intimacy of our community.

How many members go on each trip?
Am I guaranteed a spot?

The number of members on each trip varies, depending on the Experience. Maintaining a vibrant, inclusive sense of community is top of mind as we plan Experiences, and the capacity of each trip reflects this mindset. A typical Bolt Experience hovers around 15 members.

Experiences open to all members at the same time. Our goal is to offer all members access to each Experience, and we pledge to do everything in our control to include members who want to join, even last minute. However, given that many of the experiences we offer have limited capacity, we’re unable to guarantee space, and encourage members to book early to secure their spot.

Is Bolt group travel?

Bolt offers accommodation, opportunities to break bread together, and one optional, curated, thoughtfully designed activity per day. There’s no set itinerary on schedule (”everyone on the bus by 8:30am!”). We believe in bringing people together around interesting concepts, developing delightful, surprising, engaging moments to stoke connection and serendipity. Our name for this new way to adventure? We call it Community Travel.

Can I bring a significant other or friend with me on a Bolt experience?

Experiences are limited exclusively to members to ensure everyone attending has been vetted by current members, and are committed to our mission and code of conduct.Current members interested in bringing a friend or significant other are encouraged to invite them to join Bolt. Prospective members can reference their referral in the application process.

How do deposits and payment work for experiences, and can I cancel once booked?

To secure your spot on an experience, log into the Members Page, select the trip you'd like to join, and follow the prompts to submit your 50% deposit. The remaining balance is due at least one month before the experience departure date.We understand things come up, and our goal is to be as flexible as possible. As long as you request your deposit back more than 60 days before the trip, we can issue a refund. Within 60 days of departure date, payments are non-refundable.