Lillian Cheng

Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

"One of my favorite quotes comes from the naturalist Aldo Leopold: “It must be poor life that achieves freedom from fear.” It inspired me to become certified in scuba even though I am terrified of open water, which in turn has led to unforgettable experiences scuba diving in Fiji and snorkeling off the Galapagos Islands. I believe in living life richly, warmly, and compassionately, and always trying to grow. Looking forward to meeting fellow Bolt travelers and seeing more of the world as a community."

Bucket List Destinations:
Some of the places on my bucket list: an African safari (hope to go on one of the Bolt trips at some point); hiking one of the Camino trails in Spain / Portugal / France; visiting Ankor Wat in Cambodia; seeing Incan ruins in South America; Australia, New Zealand; train ride along the Silk Road.
Favorite Activities:
"By day, I'm an attorney for the government, working in international news broadcasting. By night (or when I'm not working), I have a variety of interests I pursue, including my sweet dogs, reading, learning guitar, birdwatching, maintaining my house (ok that's more of a chore than anything but I enjoy accomplishing DIY projects), and getting back into a more regular exercise routine. I like exploring new places and trying new experiences. "

Bolt Trips