Meghan Klaric

Detroit, MI, USA

I'm a patent lawyer in Detroit, MI, but I'm originally from Philadelphia and lived in Los Angeles. I'm in my late 30s and live alone with my 10-year old chihuahua-pug mix named Lucy. (She features very prominently on my Instagram.) I take as many vacations as possible every year, making use of my 6 weeks of vacation time AND my ability to work remotely. I love wandering around new cities and trying new food, but I'm learning to appreciate the great outdoors more and more each year.

Bucket List Destinations:
I'd pretty much like to go anywhere and everywhere, but the destinations that I'm actively trying to get to in the near future are Antarctica, Chile/Argentina, Botswana/Zimbabwe, and Vietnam/Cambodia.
Favorite Activities:
I like drinking wine, lifting weights, taking long walks with my dog, and trying new restaurants. I am writing my first romance novel, and I'm hoping to turn that into an early retirement plan from being a lawyer one of these days.

Bolt Trips