Melissa Kramer

Traverse City, MI

Hi! I’m Melissa. I joined Bolt in 2018, just as I was transitioning out of my corporate career into being an entrepreneur. Now, I create experience products both online and in the physical world to help people get out of their own way and have a better time in their life experience. ✨🌈

Bucket List Destinations:
Everywhere! There is no place I won’t go, and so many places for me yet to experience. The Bolt South Africa trip in April 2019 was a check off my bucket list...and sparked a deep desire to travel more extensively through Africa. Also Southeast Asia and New Zealand are on the short ‘up next’ list.
Favorite Activities:
Writing, running, walking, biking, cooking, being outdoors, and meeting new people.

Bolt Trips

Overlanding down the Big Sur Coastline

1000km Safari in South Africa