Amanda Viragh

Excelsior, MN USA

Hi everyone, I am looking forward to traveling with you all soon. I just completed a 3 year bachelors program in nursing and getting ready to take my boards. Nursing is my 3rd career; first I was in the investment industry for 10 years and then I was a Firefighter/EMT for 10 years. I currently live in the Minneapolis area and hoping to relocate to a warmer climate very soon.

Bucket List Destinations:
Australia, Greece, Netherlands, Alaska and the list goes on.
Favorite Activities:
I love to do anything that is new and adventurous. I am very curious about the world and the different people in it. I enjoy playing with my newfies, riding my Harley, playing golf, working out, running a race or obstacle course. Traveling to other countries, camping in the mountains, skiing out west or jumping out of an airplane.

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