Jacob Grossi

Montpelier, Vermont, USA

Hi All! I’m looking to widen my circle and connect further with those always curious what lies around the next bend. I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my life, owned vintage vinyl record stores and built one of the worlds largest collections of original concert posters. With that behind me, adventure(aka travel) nursing is my “retirement” plan. I’d traveled all 48 states by thumb or van by age 22. I am just now dipping into world travel.

Bucket List Destinations:
Anywhere by train with plenty of adventure stops, be it cities or mountains. Anywhere with hot springs. Everywhere I have not been. The ruins of Detroit. Heli-boarding.
Favorite Activities:
Mountain biking. Snowboarding. Electronic and other transportative music and experiences. Skateboarding. Meditation. Art and Design.

Bolt Trips