Jill Isbell

Colorado Springs, CO

I am a proud mother of twin boys, both of whom are about to graduate college. It has been a joy to watch their lives unfold before them. I live in the work world as a Financial Planner and have great passion about walking alongside my clients through their lives and being of service to them as I can. I own my own firm, and with both of my boys reaching independence I am excited to declare travel as my next phase. I often travel and explore Colorado on weekends with a great group of friends and I am looking forward to new destinations and new connections with other like minded individuals. I am at my best when I am outdoors, and away from the computer that dominates the days.

Bucket List Destinations:
The list is so long! Alaska, Greece, Croatia, Madeira Island, Banff, .......
Favorite Activities:
Hiking, camping, cooking, gardening, reading

Bolt Trips