Mel Osmack

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi! Feel free to call me 'Mel'. I live in Vancouver Canada with my 2 kids and my 2 feline fur babies. I work in Indigenous health and love my job because there is always something new to learn, my work is appreciated, I meet amazing people, and I get to travel to new places. I’m passionate about human rights and the environment. I love learning, moving, creating, and traveling.

Bucket List Destinations:
Warning…my list can change daily: Morocco, Greece (wish I could swing the Bolt trip this year), Macedonia, Scotland, Ireland, Uruguay, Utah (Moab, Zion etc), New Mexico, Smokey Mountains
Favorite Activities:
I have an active group of friends and we spend a lot of time outdoors walking, hiking, biking, paddling etc. In the winter I ski and snowshoe, in the summer I could ride my bike for hours. Creatively, my passions right now is screen printing. I love everything from the history, to the process, to the end result.

Bolt Trips

Overlanding Down the Baja Peninsula