Munich, Germany, Europe

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Bucket List Destinations:
... there are lots of fascinating places I would love to go, but few which kick me into action. Buthan, Nepal, Patagonia are among them. Mountains are always good, a combination of mountains and water is better! Means of travel are also important, sometimes more important than the destination. I definitely like to go sailing with Bolt sometimes. Currently I enjoy exploring Greece and my Bavarian and Austrian mountains in the vicinity.
Favorite Activities:
Early morning you can find me on the Yoga mat and meditation cushion. In winter I‘m on skis, downhill, tour and cross country. In summer I like getting up before sunrise, climb a mountain and be back hanging out at the lake by the time everybody else has finished breakfast. I always enjoy reading a good book, be creative in terms of cooking and knitting and from time to time you can find me dancing a night away.

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