Thomas Ray


I'm a retired Firefighter and Army Aviation pilot, and when my careers were completed doing the duty of the world, I decided it was my time to enjoy what I had earned. So I had a custom designed 4x4 extreme van built to my specifications...and I took off to explore whatever parts of the US and Canada it could take me to. I've had the good fortune to have lived and visited many of the countries in western Europe. I was raised in Great Britain for 8 years I ewas a child, as my father was militarily assigned there. My ex wife is a Dutch citizen and I was married in Den Hague, south of Amsterdam. Through the military, I've been to dozens of Caribbean islands and every country in Central America. I've been to many countries in the far east and middle east...though in not as a tourist! I've been to New Zealand 10 times and hate it whenever my visa expires and I have to return. If there were any place, on this blue planet, that I could spend the rest of the days of my brief would be New Zealand!

Bucket List Destinations:
The Seychelles Islands The South Island of New Zealand...and stay there!
Favorite Activities:
Flying, Coastal Sailing, Native American Spiritual Sites and History

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