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This August, we’re returning to Norway for our second sail through the fjords, along the Lofoten Peninsula. Expect an adventure on this voyage north of the Arctic Circle, with exploration of towering fjords, hikes to epic peaks, sampling local fare in historic UNESCO villages, and - just maybe, for the brave amongst us - a dip or three into frigid water.



Where the mountains meet the sea

Known for it’s dramatic scenery, Lofoten’s high peaks rising straight out of the ocean, it’s sections of open sea, sheltered bays, and stunning beaches all come together to create a land of wonder. The coast is peppered with tiny towns that have clung to the coast for a thousand years, surviving on the bounty of sea and more recently the visitors who have flocked to this distinctive part of Norway.

We’ll have a unique platform to explore, sailing from port to port, disembarking to climb up tall peaks, kayak to white sand beaches, and explore small harbors. The boat will seem tiny amongst these towering fjords, and you’ll feel distinctly connected to this magical section of the North.

Come expecting an adventure. We have destinations in mind, but will alter them according to the conditions and interests of the group.

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Life at 68 degrees north

Carved by a long succession of ice ages, the Fjordlands of Norway haven’t changed much since people started living here. We'll sail up Fjord arms and past soaring waterfalls as part of our exploration of this UNESCO heritage site. 


What we’ll do (aka a rough itinerary) 

August 30th to September 6th, 2019

We’ll sail from the port city of Svolvaer, heading north and east to the beginning of Lofoten and Trollfjord, an incredibly narrow fjord only accessible by boat. We then dip south towards the island of Skrova for kayaking amidst white sand beaches, then west along the long peninsula towards Reine, stopping for hikes, hot spring soaks, and meals in historic villages.

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“Pretty didn't do it justice. I felt like we'd sailed into a world meant for much larger beings, a place where gods and monsters roamed freely.” 

-Rick Riordan, The Ship of the Dead



Lofoten Culture & History

The first people came to Lofoten over 7,000 years ago. During the Stone Age, people made a living out of fishing and hunting. We’ll visit the UNESCO World Heritage site at Nusfjord, where you can get a sense of what life on the coast must have been like 300 years ago, when the success of a whale hunt could mean the different between a winter of plenty or famine.


A range of hikes up towering fjords

Throughout the week’s sail, you’ll have several opportunities to climb fjord walls, from moderate hikes to challenging climbs. These excursions into the mountains above the sea provide a refreshing and different perspective from being under sail, and will give you a new sense of the scale and majesty of this spectacular part of Norway.


Sailing Through the Fjords

At the heart of this trip: exploration by sail. Most days will feature two to five hours under sail, in a variety of weather conditions. Highlights include entering Trollfjord. Situated at the base of 3,500 feet mountains, and with an opening just 100 meters wide, Trollfjord is only accessible by boat, providing an exceptional moment to convene with the majesty of nature.

Our Route

We’ll sail from the city of Svolvaer, on the southern edge of Lofoten. Please note this route is subject to change, according to the local conditions, which can be unpredictable. This map is meant to give an indication of our path, rather than an itinerary set in stone.


Sailing Through the Fjords

August 30th to September 6th, 2019

$1950 per person

Experience Start: Svolvaer, Norway, 4pm, Friday, August 30th, 2019

Experience End: : Svolvaer, Norway, 10am, Friday, September 6th, 2019

*The boat will reach Svolvaer Marina by 5pm, Thursday, September 5th, so you can fly out anytime on Friday, September 6th).

What’s Included:

  • accommodation (based on double occupancy),

  • all food onboard,

  • one optional activity per day onshore (hiking, kayaking, visiting a museum, etc)

  • one night of accommodation on land during the sailing voyage

  • all costs associated with sailing including fuel, docking fees, etc.

Not included:

  • alcoholic drinks onshore or onboard the boat

  • meals onshore

  • lights

  • accommodation before or after sailing voyage begins and ends. 

More details:

Round-trip flight itineraries to Svolvaer are available from $950 round trip: NYC, SF, LA, DEN. We also suggest checking Norwegian Air for discount tickets to Oslo, connecting to another airline for continuing on to Lofoten. Also consider checking flights to and from Bodø, a 3 hour ferry ride from Svolvaer. Example: NYC ($730 round-trip).

Are you interested in extending your trip before or after this Bolt sailing experience? Tromso, Bergen, Oslo, and other Norwegian destinations are a short flight away.

Activity Level:

Note the pace of this trip will be mixed, with quick starts and stops, time devoted to relaxation, extended sailing, and early starts to make the most of the day. Sailing times per day will range from 2-5 hours in more extreme conditions, and our route and points mentioned above could change due to circumstance, road conditions, and weather.

Ready for an adventure?