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The Pacific coast of Oaxaca: home to wide open, miles-long stretches of sand, artesenal mescal, and a thriving local art scene. Mazunte is the heart, a small town filled with music in the streets, delicious local food (mole!), and pristine beaches perfect for a swim. It's the perfect mix of laid back vibes coupled with vibrant energy to start off your 2020. 

Join us in our tree-top eco-hotel, El Copal, overlooking Playa Mermejita. Enjoy your stay in a palapa, the traditional (with an updated take) structures typical in this part of Mexico - you'll recognize the roof made of palm leaves. Take a dip in the infinity pool set over the beach, lounge in a day bed swinging above the sand, or jump in the ocean to cool off. The accommodation favors wild adventure and ecological connection over luxury, while still ensuring comfort.

Each day, you're invited to a (totally optional) local, delightful, unexpected experience, from a private whalewatching boat charter of the Bahias de Huatulco, to a temescal (native sweatlodge) ceremony performed by a local healer, to sunset paddleboarding with views over Punta Cometa. On December 31st, we'll come together for a delicious dinner, before heading out to ring in the New Year. This 7 day experience balances active exploration with the time you need to relax and recharge (!!). Everything is at your own pace.



Where the jungle meets the ocean

One of the more geographically diverse states in Mexico, Oaxaca reaches 10,000 feet in the highlands before cascading down to lush, tropical jungle on the coast. Around Mazunte, this natural paradise is remarkably well-preserved, thanks to the local system of communal land ownership, called ejido, and there are trails throughout town, including one leading to a hidden jacuzzi pool where incoming waves smash into rocks to create a pool of effervescent bubbles.

Our exploration doesn’t stop at the end of town. We’ll venture out on a private yacht to Las Siete Bahias de Huatulco, a set of seven gorgeous bays, each a more magical snorkel spot than the last. Another day features a trip up to the mountains and a swimming hole fed by a waterfall. Or skip all of it to hang out on the beach and relax - this is your New Year’s recharge, so you decide how to spend it.

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El Copal, our home for the week

Perched on a hill above the coast, El Copal is a relaxed hotel hideaway with infinity pool, yoga hall, and a delicious small restaurant open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks throughout the day. Alongside our crew, expect an international crowd and stimulating conversation. The rooms are rustic and comfortable, and built in the traditional style dating back to the indigenous Mayan culture.


What we’ll do (aka a rough itinerary) 

December 28th, 2019 to January 4th, 2019

$1500 per person

Options are at the heart of this week on the coast of Mexico. We’ll have a full slate of activities planned, from hikes to whalewatching to yoga - simply pick and choose the options to create your own experience. Enjoy the company of others while reserving time to be by yourself. Mix long lazy days lying on the beach with exploration at your own pace.

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Reflections from Previous Editions of this Adventure

El Copal - Our Home for the Week

A 7 minute walk from “downtown” Mazunte, El Copal is a peaceful spot to ring in 2019. The views are excellent, the food is delightful, the company is outstanding, and that infinity pool water temperature is just right. El Copal is chic, rustic, comfortable, and home to an international crowd of interesting people waiting to start a conversation. Take your showers outside, with a view overlooking the beach or mountains. Please note the toilet is also ecologically friendly and dry (ie. not a flush toilet).


Each Day Brings Something New

This is the time for you to get away. We respect that desire to recharge by offering an optional activity each day, from paddleboarding for sunset to beach yoga to a whalewatching excursion in Huatulco, and more. Drop in and out, delight in a lazy day by the beach drinking Piña Coladas, rest up before heading into town for the night at the Mescaleria (it’s just what it sounds like).


Just the Right Amount of Excitement to Ring in the New Year

We’re looking for Goldilocks level fiesta here. Mazunte delivers nightlife that goes until the wee hours without the hectic, overbearing scene of some other Mexican destinations (cough, cough, Tulum). Expect live music in the streets, parties on the beach that last all night, candle-lit dinners, and the (soon to be) world famous Mescaleria, featuring a new band every night, from bachata reggae to salsa, and a long line of mescals for you to find the perfect fit.


New Years On the Coast of Oaxaca

Dates: December 28th, 2019 to January 4th, 2020

Price: $1500 per person

Location: Mazunte, Mexico


What’s Included:

  • lodging at El Copal - please note rooms are double occupancy (we'll pair you with someone awesome), or stay by yourself for an additional cost

  • a full slate of optional daily experiences, including yoga, a whale watching trip on a private yacht, standup paddleboarding, and much more

  • transportation to activities listed above when necessary

  • 3 shared meals, including a New Year's Eve celebration

  • A welcome package of gear from select friends of Bolt for you to test and take home

Not included:

  • meals not listed above

  • alcoholic beverages at any of the included meals

  • flights to and from the Oaxaca Coast

More details:

This 8 day Experience showcases the best of the Oaxacan Coast. Many flights to the coast transit through Mexico City and/or the colonial city of Oaxaca, and you’re encouraged to stop for a visit - these places are magical during the holiday season.

Fly into Huatulco or Puerto Escondido, both approximately one hour’s drive from Mazunte. Outside of each airport, you’ll find registered taxis, which cost approximately $30 USD direct to El Copal. You can also take transport (approximately 6 hours) from the city of Oaxaca down to the coast. Creative flight combos are often available - just ask!

Sample flights to Huatulco from $600: NYC, LON, SF, LA, DEN, CHI

Sample flights to Oaxaca from $600: NYC, LON, SF, LA, DEN, CHI

Flights from Oaxaca City to Huatulco and Puerto Escondido are also available via Aerotucan

Activity Level:

The pace of this trip will be relaxed - participate in activities at your own pace. Please note that a set of stairs is required to reach El Copal and unfortunately it is not handicap accessible. Please contact us and to find alternate accommodation that allows you to participate in planned activities.

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