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In January 2020, we’re partnering with Pacific Overlander for our second adventure down the Baja Peninsula, Mexico’s most rugged, scenic coastline. This isn’t Cabo; we’ll be traveling through remote parts of Baja rarely accessed by visitors, making stops for HOT hot springs, waterfall oases, desert exploration, a magical whalewatching experience, and much, much more.

Take the wheel of a Toyota 4Runner or Jeep Wrangler over rough dirt roads, on empty highways, and down long stretches of sandy beach, or hang in a passenger seat and enjoy the scenery. Each night, we’ll stop at unique, epic campsites, from our very own deserted beaches to spots under the shadow of 60 foot Cardon cactus.


An Eight Day Adventure Down Baja


Where the desert meets the sea

One of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet, set aside Baja, the second-longest peninsula in the world, the Sea of Cortez features 4,000 kilometers of coastline, each cove, beach, inlet, and sand spit distinct, and in a world of it’s own. A thousand shades of blue set against a backdrop of stark desert cacti gives you an idea of the area we’ll explore.

Camping right on the beach, we’ll fall asleep and wake up to sunrises and sunsets off the warm water. During the day, enjoy an assortment of gear allowing you to make the most of the adventure, including kayaks, snorkel, and Spikeball sets for the more competitive amongst us.


One of Earth’s most unique destinations

Baja is exceptionally distinct, in large part thanks to its unique geography. Planted between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, with a range of volcanoes running the length of the peninsula, the vast expanse of the Peninsula is set apart as open, undeveloped space. Indeed, much is protected by El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, the largest protected habitat in Latin America.



What we’ll do (aka a rough itinerary) 

January 17th - 24th, January 26th - February 2nd, 2020

$1900 per person, per leg

From hot spring hangs to hiking canyons to legendary wildlife encounters, this trip is packed with adventure. The pace of the expedition will be mixed, with quick starts and stops, time devoted to relaxing on beautiful beaches, extended driving, and early mornings to make the most of the day.

Driving times per day will range from 2-5 hours in more extreme conditions, and our route and points mentioned above could change due to circumstance, road conditions, and weather.

Baja Photo 10.jpg

Reflections from Previous Editions of this Adventure:



In a challenging environment, you need to trust your equipment. If you want to drive, you’ll be behind the wheel of a late-model, fully capable offroad vehicle. That’s why we teamed up with the best for this adventure. Pacific Overlander’s Jeeps and Toyota 4Runners are capable, agile machines designed for demanding travel. Each truck features a rooftop tent, AC/DC power, and space for your gear. Additionally, a support vehicle provides extra storage, an air compressor, recovery equipment, galley kitchen, heated outdoor shower, and restroom facilities for the duration of the trip.



Baja’s unique and varied ecosystems present diverse opportunities for exceptional campsites. From popping rooftop tents right on the beach to a secret hideaway under 60 foot Cardon cacti, we have mind-blowing campsites all down our 1000 mile route through the peninsula. These photos represent just a few of the spots we’ve scouted. Perhaps you’ll help us find a new one.



Camping right on the beach, we’ll fall asleep and wake up to sunrises and sunsets off the water. During the day, enjoy an assortment of gear allowing you to make the most of the adventure, including kayaks, snorkel, and Spikeball sets for the more competitive amongst us. The calm water of the Sea of Cortez is perfect for gentle swims.



The wonder doesn’t end at water’s edge; this trip is timed for the peak of grey whale season, with a stop in internationally renowned Guerrero Negro for a morning of whale watching. Famously, the whales in this area are known for their curiosity, to the point of inviting human touch, creating opportunities for legendary and life-changing encounters. Seriously - the more you touch these magnificent creatures, the longer they stay



Right there in the middle of the desert, where you never would have expected to see it: a lush, green, tropical paradise, with a series of cascading waterfalls, natural pools for swimming, and gorgeous hot spring soaks dialed in at 102 degrees. Coming either at the beginning of the trip or the end, depending on the leg, this is the perfect place to relax and leave the stresses of life behind.



From Meso-American rock wall painting to Spanish colonial architecture, Baja offers interesting history, art, and culture across a wide range of time and place. We’ll have plenty of time to explore ancient cave dwellings, long-ago Franciscan missions, and vibrant present-day towns, connecting with locals over hearty meals and interesting conversation.



Enjoy a selection of the best local foods and catered menus during your trip, shared around the campfire, as well as stops at taquerias and restaurants along the way. Daily prepared meals will be provided or cooked collaboratively, depending on the day’s schedule. All meals will be shared in a group format with plenty of time for a sundowner.



This is not your typical road trip. Along our route we will spend a fair amount of time traveling along dirt roads and playing in the sand. While the majority of the miles driven will be on pavement, there will be plenty of opportunity to learn basic off-road driving techniques and brush up on your overlanding skills. Whether you are interested in learning more about navigation and route planning, the use of variable tire pressures to maximize your vehicles performance, or just looking for adventure, this trip offers something for everyone.


Overlanding Down Baja

January 17th - 24th, January 26th - February 2nd, 2020

$1900 per person, per leg

Leg 1:

Experience Start: San Diego Airport, 10am, Friday, January 17th, 2020

Experience End: : Loreto, MX, 2pm, Friday, January 24th, 2020

Leg 2:

Experience Start: Loreto, MX 10am, Sunday January 26th, 2020

Experience End: San Diego, 2pm, Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

What’s Included:

  • your spot in a Toyota 4Runner or Jeep Wrangler - you’re welcome to drive some of the way, or ride along and enjoy the scenery.

  • At least one optional activity per day: think kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, hiking to hidden desert waterfalls, exploring rock art, lounging in oasis hot springs…

  • Accommodation (double occupancy, ie, you’ll be sharing a rooftop or ground tent)

  • All food, including a mix of cooking off the grid, and stops in local restaurants along the way

  • All vehicle costs: gasoline, insurance, tolls, etc

  • Awesome free gear from our partners, for you to test and take home

Not included:

  • alcohol and soft drinks

  • accommodation in San Diego, CA or Loreto, MX.

More details:

Each leg of this one-way overlanding experience starts in San Diego, USA or Loreto, Mexico.

This 8 day Experience is designed to showcase the rugged Baja Peninsula. We suggest adding relaxed beach time in Loreto after (or before).

Direct flights to San Diego are available from all major US cities, and Alaska Airlines offers a daily, direct flight from Loreto to LAX, with easy onward travel to other destinations.

Leg One flights (Roundtrip: Your city to San Diego, CA + Loreto, Mexico to your city) <$525: NYC, SF, LA, DEN.

Leg Two flights (Roundtrip: Your city to Loreto, Mexico, and San Diego, CA to your city) <$250 one way: NYCSFLADEN.

Activity Level:

Note the pace of this trip will be mixed, with time devoted to relaxation, extended driving (at times), and early starts to make the most of the day. Driving times per day will range from 2-5 hours, in more extreme conditions, and our route could change due to circumstance, road conditions, and weather. We’ll travel in a caravan, keeping the vehicles together at all times, staying in touch via radio comms and satellite phone.

Ready for an adventure?


A Map of the Journey

This overlanding adventure runs approximately 1000 miles, starting in San Diego, California, USA and ending in Loreto, Baja California, MX (and back to San Diego, for the second leg).

We’ll zig and zag across the narrow peninsula, crossing from the Pacific Coast to the Sea of Cortez and back throughout the week. This ensures you’ll see a stunning variety of landscapes and vistas - you’ll be surprised by the dramatic difference between the two coasts.