Bolt's community unlocks otherwise impossible travel experiences
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Introducing Bolt member referrals

Have a friend who you think would love Bolt? Refer them to join the community and they get $100 off their first trip. And for each new member you bring to Bolt, you will be rewarded with $100 in credit towards your next trip. You can earn up to $1k in trip credit each year! See terms and conditions below for full details.

It’s as simple as sharing with your friends via email, posting on social media, or telling your co-workers. Just make sure they mention your name when they sign up, so we can make sure you are credited.

Here is a blurb about Bolt you can share:

This year I joined Bolt to unlock awesome travel experiences. Consider joining the Bolt community too. As an incentive to join, for a limited time they are offering $100 off your first trip — just mention my name when you apply.



Bolt referral program terms and conditions. Existing Bolt members can gift $100 in trip credit to new members which can be applied to their first trip only. New member must mention your name when signing up. When new member pays their membership dues existing members you be credited $100 in trip credit. Trip credits can be combined and up to $1,000 of trip credit can be earned each calendar year. Program expires Dec 31, 2019 and can be modified at anytime.