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This August, we’re collaborating with our friends at Pacific Overlander for an adventure up into Northern California’s Sierra Nevada, and a long weekend of days spent hiking into the backcountry and nights communing together over delicious food and cold beverages before settling into rooftop tents for the night’s sleep.

If you haven’t visited the Sierra, this is your moment to explore one of North America’s gems with an expert guide, on a trip that accommodates varying levels of fitness and hiking ability, joined by a group of fellow travelers excited for a weekend of adventure.


From San Francisco, We Head Into the Hills


The Sierra Nevada Mountains

Our playground for this long weekend? Sculpted by glaciers over the last one hundred million years, running four hundred miles from north to south, home to three national parks, twenty wilderness areas, two national monuments, the largest alpine lake in the United States (Lake Tahoe), and the highest point in the contiguous United States. To put it mildly, there’s lots to see, and this weekend of overlanding through the hills and mountains will be a definitive start to your Sierra exploration.

Our route takes us to the outskirts of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding National Forests. These places are above and away from some of the more heavily trafficked areas. We’ll rely on disbursed, off-the-grid camping, rather than established sites, giving us the freedom to roam and the solitude of more solitary exploration.

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Camping at 8000 feet

Our merry band of hiking gypsies will come together each evening at a new campsite after a full day of exploration to collaboratively cook delicious meals, relax around the campfire (conditions permitting), enjoy a few cold beverages and the enchanting sights and sounds of the forest at night.


What we’ll do (aka a rough itinerary) 

August 1st to 4th, 2019

$800 per person, all inclusive

A 3 night, 4 day journey into the Sierra Nevada, camping high in the mountains and exploring hiking trails each morning and afternoon. Choose a vehicle according to your physical fitness and how much you want to hike, ranging from intermediate to advanced. Each night, the vehicles will meet up at a new campsite for an evening of relaxation, reflection, and delicious food and beverage.



 “Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

-John Muir



A Trip One Hundred Million Years in the Works

Geologically speaking, this adventure started one hundred million years ago during the Nevadan orogeny, when a deep well of granite former underground. Fast forward ninety-six million years for the beginning of a great uplift, alongside significant glacial activity (the primary force that shaped Yosemite), and we’re left with the stunning landscape we’ll pass through on this trip.



In a challenging environment, you need to be able to count on your equipment. That’s why we teamed up with the best for this adventure. Pacific Overlander’s Jeeps and Toyota 4Runners are capable, agile machines designed for demanding travel. Each vehicle features a rooftop tent, AC/DC power, and space to store gear. Based on need, and depending on configuration, we will also supply comfortable ground camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.


Epic Campsite Hangs in the Mountains

Each night, we’ll gather the vehicles to cook dinner together, relax by the fire (conditions permitting), and relax away the day’s aching hiking muscles. Expect a few surprises along the way.


An Adventure Into the Sierra

August 1st - August 4th, 2019

$800 per person

Leg 1:

Experience Start: Fort Point, San Francisco, 10:00am, August 1st

Experience End: Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, 5:00pm, August 4th

What’s Included:

  • your spot in a Toyota 4Runner or Jeep Wrangler - you’re welcome to drive some of the way, or ride along and enjoy the scenery.

  • Accommodation (double occupancy, ie, you’ll be sharing a rooftop or ground tent)

  • All food at camp, including options for breakfast, lunch, & dinner each day

  • All vehicle costs: gasoline, insurance, tolls, etc

  • Awesome free gear from our partners, for you to test and take home

Not included:

  • alcohol and soft drinks

  • accommodation before or after the trip starts and ends in San Francisco

More details:

This 4 day Experience is designed to showcase the best of the rugged Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Direct flights to San Francisco are available from all major US cities

Sample flights <$300 roundtrip: NYC, LA, DEN, CHI.

Activity Level:

Note the pace of this trip will be mixed, with quick starts and stops, time devoted to relaxation, extended driving (at times), and early starts to make the most of the day. Driving times per day will range from 2-4 hours, and our route and points mentioned above could change due to circumstance, road conditions, and weather.

Ready for an adventure?