Bolt's community unlocks otherwise impossible travel experiences

Welcome to Bolt, Jennelle.

Thanks for your patience through the process. We're excited to bring you into our community! 

Below, please find a document with our core principals, a brief code of conduct, terms and conditions, and instructions for submitting your membership dues.  


 The Journey Starts Here...

Bolt membership dues are paid yearly ($300 annual). Once you have submitted dues and agreed to core principals and code of conduct below, you'll gain access to book Experiences, and receive your invite to join the closed Bolt online group.

Note: your membership will remain active for one year (365 days) from the departure date of your first Experience. This ensures you can join Bolt at the current price, while still enjoying a full year of membership.

One year (365 days) after the departure date of your first Experience, we'll send a message with details for renewing your membership at $300 per year.

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